About Me

As a retired teacher, life-long dog lover and interior decorator, my extra income dream job is to work from home doing something I love to do.  I have utilized my skills and love for dogs to create a harmonious and fun space just for you and your furry companion.  I have spent the last two years planning and designing an added on sun-room and backyard area to accommodate a place of enjoyment. I want your experience at "Bark"-Yardigans to be a great time!

 Michelle Houston,

      MAS Volunteer


I noticed my neighbors frequently walking their dogs every morning, afternoon and night; day after day!  My love for dogs led me to this vision.  What if my neighbors, friends and family had a nice place they can take their dog.  A place that's never congested, fun, enjoyable for the whole family, more like a "Chuck-E-Cheese" for dogs.  Yes! The light bulb turns on, an entertainment station just for our furry companions.

  • It's not about the fortune or I would charge more and open Every Day!

  • It's not about the fame, or I would advertise to all in Every Way!

  • It's all about the Dogs!  So have Fun, Be Safe, Explore and PLAY!