Paw Policies and Agreement/Contract

For everyone’s safety, please read the following requirements:

This agreement referred to herein apply to any and all visits involving your Pet(s) at  Bark Yardigans.


We agree to provide the specific service to your pet(s) according to the Service Card that was filled out by you.

*Payment for Services:

You agree to pay us for the services we provide to your pet(s) during each visit at the rates set forth in this contract. Payment is expected in full at least one week prior to your event.


All Exclusive/ Deluxe/ and Standard Paw-ties must register for a time slot and complete the Service Card.  If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so at least (4) days prior to your scheduled arrival date. In case of an emergency and/or inclement weather, we will schedule you for another time slot. If  we cannot agree on another time slot, you will get your full payment back as long as purchases have not been made. In this case, you will pay for and receive the items that were previously made or purchased.


Pet Health and Behavior

-All pets should be healthy and up to date with vaccinations.

-If my pet is not spayed/neutered, I know what might happen.

-You represent and affirm that your pet has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, or parvovirus within 60 days prior to your visit.

-You represent that your pet has no illness, injury, or behavior problems (Including aggressive or biting behavior).

-I certify that I am at least 18 years old or older

-I certify that I am covered by a medical/health insurance plan and am current on my tetanus vaccination. I further understand that Bark Yardigans does not carry or maintain health,

medical or disability insurance coverage for customers, invited guests, or pet(s).

-I understand that I am in charge of my own pet at all times!

-This is a No Smoking Pet Zone


I Have Read This Entire Agreement/Contract.  I had the opportunity to discuss the terms with Bark Yardigans staff to my satisfaction and shall abide by the agreement of this contract.