Pawties and pawkages

Saturdays Only

Who says celebrating birthdays is just for humans!  Invite your friends or have your child celebrate their birthday with their favorite furry companion.  Enjoy a dog-gone good Birthday Party, New Adoption, Just Because,  I’m Spoiled , or Holiday Celebration at Bark Yardigans!


*Exclusive Paw-ty             Cost: $175.00

All Parties Accommodate up to 12 Two Legged Guest and no more than five Four legged Guest!

*Full access to Barkyardigans: Indoor Paw Room,  Backyard, Agility Equipment, Games and restroom

*Set Up and Clean Up

*Customized cake for furry friends

*Customized cake for Human friends

* Designer Balloons

*Pizza (Pizza Hut)

*Beverages (Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Assorted Sodas, Water Bottles with our Logo, Hi-C Juices)

*Treat Bags For Everyone

*Paper Party Products (Plates, Cups, Hats, Plastic Utensils, Napkins)

*All About Me Poster


Deluxe Paw-ty   Cost $100.00

Full access to Bark Yardigans Facility

*Set Up and Clean Up

*Customized cake for Furry Companion

*Designer Balloons


*Packaged Snacks

*Treat Bags For Everyone

*Paper Party Products



Standard Paw-ty    Cost $50.00

Full access to Barkyardigans Facility

*Set –Up and Clean-UP

*Designer Balloons

*Treat Bags For Everyone

(Food, Beverages, and cake can be brought from home or can be catered.)


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Pet Cake - All Icings are White. Please choose your accent/paw decoration color:
All Pet cakes are customized with your pet's name and special doggie decor. TYPE OF PET CAKE:
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